Travelling is such an easy and joyful thing to do.
>You choose your destination,make a plan, book your travel-tickets and off you go on your journey and everything is just as easy as you set your plans to be.
Ahhh or is it ?!
On December 7th was my big travel-day planned, an easy 10 hour trainride, three train switches with a 20 min connection time. All good! Booked an 1st class ticket and a reserved seat in a 4-person compartment for the longest haul of 6 hours.
First of all I looovee trains and then a long haul like this, oh I envisioned building a nest of books, my laptop, getting work done and possible some writing. Oh Yum!
Packing Bluey my suitcase, I overloaded him a bit, as I also managed to stuff my skiboots and extra thermal and ski outfit things, into him, he loved it, but made him a hefty 35kg. Ah well only three trainchanges, it will be fine…
Then I filled my second “office” rollercase with some extra books, ah, only three trainchanges, and two weeks of being on my own… just me.. oh the time and rest to read. Yummy! So added some more books and papers and things I decided I needed to get done in the next two weeks… ah well, only 3 trainchanges, It will be fine.

Quarter to 7 in the morning Tony, the cabdriver picked my up. I had to be super quiet, as the family of three small kids was still asleep. So now shower, but extra deodorant, filling my thermos with coffee, sipping Bluey up… and yes I had to sit on him to do so.

Off to the train station, I was way too early, but that is good when embarking on a well planned journey. Managed to heave Bluey into the train… OMG he is heavy, popped him in the hallway and off we rolled, sipping happily on my coffee.
Planned exchange in Utrecht, half an hour spare to shop for lunch items and fresh coffee. All packed and ready to get to my registered seat. YEAH!
And then the real journey started, as the compartments were put together in the wrong order, so the train arrived and instead of being in the front, my beloved seat as all the way in the back… running while tagging Bluey and the rollercase as well as the fresh coffee… I did not manage to reach that carriage, so just on the whistle I pulled Bluey halfway along into the train… completely out of breath and sweating… more sweating as I pushed Bluey and pulled the rollercase, wrapped up in a warm mantle and scarfs, through 7 carriages to finally find my seat. PFFFF good start Jenn I thought as I flopped into my seat and started nesting. The joy did last about one hour and I will give you the short version:
Door failure, 20 min delay, next station all out and had to join everyone in the first trainset, got frazzled, twisted my ankle and landed face first on the platform, Bluey on top of me, my is he heavy, lovely passengers picked my up and I managed to catch the train, next station out and into an other trainset, back in assigned seats, D-tour due to electricity problems, 60 min delay by then, so this train will not travel to the final destination, out again and into regional train, stop at an non-schedule small train-station due to a suicide threat ahead of us, extra 20 min delay, missed multiple connections, so concocted a new travel-plan, that train delayed and my exchange time of 6 min got diminished to 2 min, me yelling on the ramp to the platform “Hold the train” … 13 hours and 7 train exchanges later I arrived in the apartment. No lift and 5 flights of stairs or 69 steps I counted.
Life is different than the plans we make. I could have gotten mad, angry, upset, stressed and more… and for moments I sure did. And then I remembered to lean into it and enjoy the journey, enjoy what it will bring me instead of what I had planned…
Meeting amazing people, having conversations without speaking the same languages and having fun, riding a panorama window train while entering the Alps during sunset, getting free coffee and a glass of wine to go with it. Handsome and strong men helped me graciously to heave Bluey in and out of the trains, you should have seen their face changed, when they noticed the weight… hihi. Time to sniff some holiday spirit at a Christmas Market at the train-station in Zurich, getting exercise and muscle tone, while running and pulling and pushing and getting smiles in return, while I sat in any seat I could get and grinned like a Cheshire Cat.
Life is amazing, when you let it unfold for you.
Make your plans, yes, set your goals, yes, buy your ticket and then let the journey unfold.
Life happens for you not to you and so it is your choice how to deal with anything that is different, then what you planned it to be.
As the only constant thing in travelling and yes in life too, is change.
Feeling super happy and blessed to be spending the next two weeks here in Klosters Switzerland, with a view of the Gletscher, snow around me, and more snow in the forecast, I have many plans and I will let life unfold them for me.
Save travels to you all my fellow travellers.

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