Coffee Inspiration with Jenn

Very often I get the request to have coffee together to talk.

As a coffee-lover that is great, but it is not the most productive or efficient use of our time, is it?! 

That is why, I hold space for Inspirational Coffee dates on Fridays: Still having that talk and good coffee, but the with the focus on your life and the outcome you need.

And yes, you can ask me any question you want! It is awesome to be able to support you along on your path.


We make an appointmet on Thursdays or Fridays. I will send you a questionaire beforehand as “homework”. With that I will be able to prepare well enough for our coffedate, so we can get to work efficient and focused on you and your plans. .

It is a 1,5 hour talk and you can choose between online (by Skype/Zoom/Facetime) or live in a great coffeehouse in  Amsterdam. (just to be sure, it is NOT a Coffeeshop! 🙂

Here are a few examples of what we can talk about:

Entrepeneurship – IN 8 years I have build my business from scratch. What would you like to know?

Devine Feminity –  It was along road to feel truely comfortable in my own skin. Jenn, But how?

TEDx Speaker – Do you want to stand on that red dot or need support to fine-tune your idea?

Public Speaker – Jenn, do you have stagefright? How do you handle that? How to create a speech?

What is holding you back??  – I am curious what keeps you stuck and how I can help you ?!

The goal of this Coffee Inspirational Date is to help you create the life of your dreams. To take that next step to remember the great Super Powers you already have inside you. I truely believe that everybody has a sprakling flame inside, that just wants to burts out to be that joyfull bonfire.

I am here to give you that little push you need.

My friends keep saying: “Ask Jenn a question and you will get an answer, a new idea, a mini – coaching session and probably even a contact of someone who can help you even further along. And if you give her a cup of good coffee, you will definately get it all in one go!!”

For me it is the most exciting to solve questions, to find ways around obstacles, to remove what holds you back, so you are free to create your dreams. Because I believe in dreams, in your dreams!

Costs: 200 euro per talk of 1,5 hours. (incl. tax ​)

Is this what you want? Let’s do it!
Send me an e-mail, so we can plan that appointment.

“I was drowning in way too much work. I felt completely lost and amidst a chaos of to-do’s.
Having no grip on my time whatsoever.
After our coaching session I felt calm and like having more grip on my (working)life.
Working with Jennifer, is being in safe hands. She is very much to the point and straightforward.
It was comforting that she knew precisely how to describe what was happening in my head, while I was struggling to explain what was going on. With her touch of ‘rainbows and glitters and unicorns’.
Now I feel confident and happy and energized to get to work with Jennifer’s tips. Working with those gives more purpose to my day and makes me feel soothed and more relaxed and in control.

Can’t thank her enough for her work with me so far!”


“Jennifer has helped me on my journey to find a new job and to get a clear picture of what I really want in a job. After our coffee-session I had a very clear focua on what I want and even what my core-qualites are. I did not even know that I still had them, as all that I could think of were negative aspects of myself. Now I can target my jobhunt and I am sure I will find my DreamJob.
Jennifer is a coach that takes that extra step. She is to-the-point, positive, enthousiasic and has just the right contacts to help you realize your Dreamlife. After our appointment I was full of energy, to do the things I needed to do. An amazing feeling, that I can recommend to anyone. Don’t sit with your dreams, but get up an create them. It is such fun!



How do you take your coffee?
Looking forward to meet you.
Have a happy day,


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