Focus, Let’s deep-dive…
well first literally deep-dive: with these high summer temperatures water is the best way to cool down. As I am a bit of a thrill seeker, when there is a bridge, a dock, a jetty or a jungle rope, I will be on it and off it for sure.
So here I am, holding on to the railing, and looking down into the crystal clear water, with a mystic distortion of the sandy mud like bottom of the lake.
The thrill sets in, muscles contract in my legs and the sides of my belly, my tongue gets dry and my breathing stocks for a moment. My thought: “uh that’s high!”
And the physical sensations in my body increase to the level that a tiny bit of nausea sets in. That is when I know that I am ready.
I climb over the railing. One leg, then the other, noticing that I am now facing the bridge and have my back to the water… uhm… slowly turning around, while clenching the railing, tightening the muscles in my legs and digging my heels into the holes in the railing… It is to counter intuitive of standing on the wrong side of that railing, now facing the water.
My physical internal sensations increase even more. Yes, I am definitely ready!

That is the moment when it happens: My head kicks into gear.
“Are you sure that is a good idea?”
“You really should not be doing this at your age”
“What the F* were you thinking?”
“Dig in those heals and clench that railing as you are about to slip and fall girl”
“Again, why was this a good idea?!”

Now, this is a crucial moment.
This is the moment that you have a choice.
Either you choose the joy of jumping, the splash and the gorgeous fresh water around you. The freedom, the thrill of it and the choice you made at the beginning to go and jump of the bridge.
Or you can choose to let your head take over, let it come up with all sorts of scenarios of what could go wrong, that it is not a good idea, clench the railing even more and the physical sensation of thrill changes into fear in an instant.

Yes, Jenn I get it, it is a choice, but how?!
Now I am standing here on the bridge and I start to panic… then what?
Those are emotions that happen to me, and I can not control them…
My body goes haywire with all the sensations and tensions and my heart is beating out of my chest. Jenn how do you do it?

And here it comes down to: FOCUS

This is how it works for me:
That day on the wrong side of the railing, I started to listen to my head, just for the sake of it, to find out, what would happen and what it would come up with…

In an instant, like a domino effect thoughts rushed through me… “what if you break a leg? What will happen to your company, your work?” “Oh you can slip and head your head, that would be even worse, then what?”
“Are you sure this is a good idea?”
Then I leaned back (literally as you can see in the pictures) and watched the story unfold in my head, that started to make the change from thrill to fear in my body:
“What if you slip of the side, and you ankle gets caught in the railing, the you would fall over with your foot stuck. It breaks of with you falling down in the water, and your foot dangling from the bridge. You are hardly able to swim up to the surface with that one stump leg and an arterial bleed. Loosing so much blood, that you will almost loose consciousness, and OMG the sharks will find you then, so many sharks… “
Ehm okay done!! I just had to put a stop to this, this was getting completely out of hand, and quiet hilarious actually.. All of this happened in a flash of a moment.

This is my trick for jumping of bridges:
1. Take a deep breath – This is how you snap out of a situation and come back to you.
2. Giggle about my wonderfully crazy mind and WTF Sharks in a lake in The Netherlands? (okay no more watching shark week on Discovery) – refocus from the crazy story in your head to the now situation.
3. Remember why I wanted to jump of the bridge. Yes, the fresh water, the thrill, the joy – Focus on the Joy
4. Check my physical sensation and remember that these are needed keep you focus so you can jump safely
5. Focus on the smile of your friends your are jumping with, and the joy you can share together.
6. Now you take the decision to jump for the right reason – Joy!
7. Focus and decide to double that feeling of joy, just before you jump.
8. Enjoy your jump and that fresh water engulfing your body and the squeeks of joy when you break the water surface.
9. Check if you foot is still attached and not dangling from the bridge
10. You made it! It was amazing – Go do it again!

Mhh, did you enjoy this?
Using your focus to your advantage makes a lot of things in life so much easier and so much more fun. And no this story is not just about jumping of bridges 😉 But you knew that already don’t you?!
Focus can help you in all walks of life and business and using it right, gives you a huge advantage.
Ready to buckle up and wrangle your focus. Here we goo!
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