Noticing The Hamster Wheel and Stop Hiding, Aligns Amazing People

I love my job, I love what I do and I love my company. Started it about 6 years ago and am happy that I now live exclusively from what I love: assignments for companies, lectures on success at schools, masterclasses and coaching one-on-one. Lately I joined the international stage as a public speaker, talking about the topics: Happiness and Success. It feels amazing to build the life I always envisioned, helping and supporting women to live their full potential, all over the world.

Looking for possibilities to improve comes naturally to me, so to step up my business, I focus on how I attract my clients. I realized that the assignments rarely came through my website, they were based on direct contact or through someone else, who had been taking part in one of my trainings or lectures. So word of mouth is my kind of marketing, but if I want to spread the word and connect more women and fulfil my mission, it is time to step up AND step out.

So I decided that it is now time to realign my website. Realign it to my passion, my work, my mission and to me. Which also means that it is time to share more about what I have been doing and share more about what my mission is and my journey.

This is not easy for me, as it feels like running about on Rembrandt Square naked!

Why? you might ask?! Well, because what I do is personal, my company is me and I am my company. I put my heart and soul in what I do, which makes the product I deliver the best I can give.

So changing my website and aligning it, means a transition from an informative website to a site that shows more of Jennifer and what I do. Because I am the product my clients get and building a business is a very personal journey as well. There is not just the brand LifeEngineer and Jennifer the public speaker and trainer, but there is a real person behind all of this. A real person with feelings and fears inside, sadness and hope, happiness and celebrations. This is what makes me me and what makes my company what it is today.

Ready to step it up and step out I decided to show more about me, my journey and what it takes to build a business. As life is not perfect and only about the brand that is shown, life can be messy and weird, but I can also be wonderful and amazing. All of this together makes and forms who you are. Who I truly am is definitely not perfect and I am not HappyHappy JoyJoy all the time, sorry to burst your bubble 🙂

These ‘dark moments’ make who I am as well as all the ‘happy moments’. It is the combination of it all that is expressed through me as who you perceive Jennifer is.

Trying to get all my personality across on a website in 2D is hard. I feel limited, bound in grids and setups and most of all it is so hard to explain and find the words. I struggled with this for a few months, typing lengthy monologues, trying to capture my personality on a page or even finding the right words. Nothing felt right, nothing showed me to a T, so I deleted it at the end of the day, to start over the next day. This is a very tedious and exhausting process. I felt like a little hamster in a wheel, continue and continue and not getting to the destination.

At that moment I knew I had to get help and find someone to get me out of my hamster wheel. As writing from my heart and soul is totally new to me, I noticed that it is hard to find the right words and even harder to talk about myself. Something that is totally normal to me, might be just the thing that I need to talk about, as that is what clients want to know. But I don’t know that, as it is so ‘normal’ to me. So I had to find someone to help me express myself in words and help me figure out what is good to share, I knew I had to find a mirror and word wizard.

Knowing that, I started to look around and talk to people in my tribe, as I feel that they know me best. And guess what, when you start to express what you want and share what you are looking for, it comes to you. That is the moment to stop hiding and show more, which is rewarded with just the right kind of people. I did not know there was a copy writer and hamster wheel stopper, as well as a communication specialist right within my tribe.

So here I am, learning how to write, what to write and express myself, like I have not done before. And it feels great to do more of it and align my website exactly that way to show more about my journey, my business and my mission.

Deciding to stop hiding, is the beginning of expressing yourself more fully and while it is not easy, make it easier and more fun by finding the right people to enjoy the journey together. “Everything is easier when you enjoy it” Right?!

Check out to get to know the hamster wheel stopper. 🙂

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