Welcome to the “Double your Energy in 10 Days” Challenge

Amazing that you are choosing to join this challenge. We are starting 26th of September! Woohoo!

Doubling your energy will give you the boost you need to create more, to live more fully and free, to enjoy more and above all to be truly happy. 

Energy is the foundation of everything.

Having tons of plans and dreams and ideas, but NO energy to pursue them, is super frustrating. Then there is day-to-day life and those “uh I still need to do that”-project, the laundry and who knows what else is on your TO DO-list. At the end of the day you think of all that has NOT been done, you feel exhausted and drained. Then morning comes and another day of more TO-Do’s, more chores, more energy draining out of you….

STOP! Let’s change that today, so you can live your life to the fullest:

Sign up below with your favourite e-mail adres and we will make it happen! Woohooo!!! I know you are ready! 

Enjoy your ride to more Energy & Happiness!

Have Happy Day,


 Double your Energy
Rise& Shine
Happiness is the compass
 Live free
 Create your dreams

Maaike Heutink

Surgery Coach 

At the time of Jenn’s Double Your Energy Challenge, I was really low on energy. And, being pressed for time, to be honest, I only did parts … but even those made a BIG difference! 
Seeing someone bursting with energy, like Jenn,  is a joy. And the things she talks about are easy to do. Not all was new to me, but it was perfect timing to be reminded of them. Like being grateful at the end of the day is the best! So simple and so effective.
Mind, body and spirit are connected, which I had forgotten or neglected for some time.
This challenge energises you and makes you look at aspects of your life, and to do something about it.

Thank you Jenn for pushing me gently to raise my energy to be able to explore more.

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