What do you want to achieve?

Make makes you thrive?

What is holding you back?

Where to start?

+ Are you a Business Operator or a Business Owner? And what is the difference?
+ Learn about the ‘7 Forces of Business Mastery’.
+ To finally get controle over your business.
+ Learn to read your numbers, detect profitdrains and your opportunities.
+ Turn your customers into Raving Fans.
+ Recognise your ultimate vision and learn how to keep that focus.

+ Share what your company and does and what is really does do.
+ Experience the impact of your numbers.
+ Loads of practical tools and tips.
+ Create a plan for your company.
+ Make those decisions.
+ Take those steps to create a better business.
+ Learning, sharing and stepping up in a small group.
+ Become a Gladiator!
+ Take controle again.

Investment is €277.- per day (excl. BTW-tax)
Location in Amsterdam East.

Voor de additionele workshop op zaterdag avond en het diner
€77.- p.p. (excl. BTW)

Take your Business to the Next Level!

Unleash your Business – 2 day Bootcamp

Do numbers stress you out? Are you not sure where to go or who to ask? And then avoid doing numbers all together (even though you know how important it is). Are your procrastinating on your accounting and administration? ? Not sure where to go or who to ask?

In this 2 day interactive training, you will finally get to grips with the financial side of your business.

Your mindset around numbers will change drastically as everything fits into place. You will get the whole picture and finally connect the dots. Get ready to be excited about numbers!

You will complete fun exercises to regain control and plan your financial freedom.

What will you learn?

  • How to easily understand and manage the ‘numbers’ side of your business
  • Practical help with budgeting, reading and understanding financial statements, invoices and tips for submitting your taxes.
  • Walk away with proven systems and techniques to get organised and in control of your finances.

Imagine how it will feel to stop worrying and understand your business on a deeper level as well as  gain confidence to manage your business numbers!

You will feel ready to create the financial freedom you deserve.

Ready to invest in your business?

Upcoming dates

Day 1 – In love with numbers: Monday 30 April 2018
Day 2 – Your Business X-Factor: Tuesday 1 May 2018

Day 1 – Verliefd op cijfers: Saturday 30 June 2018
Day 2 – Jouw Business X-Factor: Sunday 1 July 2018

Your Investment

Day 1 or Day 2:  €277.- (ex.BTW)

Package Deal for both days: €477.- (ex.BTW)

Seal the deal:

Get controle over your numbers and create your DreamBusiness!

Use the buttons on your left to quickly reserve your seat.
Or send an e-mail to: jennifer@lifeengineer.nl

If you have any questions or you would like to get detailes information, please call me on +31641297207.

Looking forward to welcome you,

Have a happy day,

TribeLove about Business Mastery:

“Due to this mini-mini MBA day and Jennifers support, I now get it! I love numbers! Her enthousiasme and energy is contagious and I feel ready to put my new knowledge into action.” – Lizette Touber

“Lots of insights/ AHA-moments and I feel that I get it now! Totally excited about the numbers of my business. Fabulous! ” – Inge de Groot

“Due to Jennifer I have grown immensely and have learned a lot about myself and my business. I am super grateful and enjoy every step. Stopping the ostrich stress behaviour to now having controle over my numbers and therefore controle over my business start-up. I would recommend this to very starting business owner. ” – Dorien Peters

“A very good training, that does not only teach bout numbers, but also gives you the insight in how to be a better businessowner, to run a successful company. A must for every Businesswoman!” – Natascha Roobol

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