I have always blamed it on my German genes. Hitting puberty it got progressively worse. Whether is it was cold or hot, it did not matter.

And somehow for men it is sort of okay, while for a woman it is so not done…

The peak was when I started spreaker-training, ready to start my business and be on stage more and more. The lights on stage increased it tenfold… and then the (possible) smell…

By now I am an expert in hiding it. Wearing the right fabrics and even particular patterns make that it all less visible. Then a scarf or long shawl draped over the shoulder. Jackets in particular colours, even if or because it is warm. Just so no one would notice.

You guessed it right, it is not a messy business, but a sweaty business.

The stains, the patterns, the white rings on black shirts. Have you seen the stains on the picture? (I still can’t believe I am sharing that with you). Then the awkward hugs and touches, while I was feeling sticky. I was always thinking ahead, what to do, how to avoid sweating or even the possibility of sweating. I.e. leaving a party early, standing in a darker part of the room, wearing cardigans, jackets and scarfs even with 20 degrees outside and so on.  And you get so used to it, that you just don’t even notice it anymore, it gets to be second nature.


But avoiding is the most time-consuming and energy draining thing to do, as you try to anticipate a million options and make choices on assumptions. It literally sucks all the joy out of anything really.

So to get rid of it, I started testing deodorants by the case load, upgrading to medical deodorants heavy loaded with aluminum, changing soaps, addressing my eating pattern, mindfulness training (as someone suggested it could be stress-related) and even considering Botox, to give those sweat glands a time-out.

I found a way between dressing a particular way, avoiding strategies and a medical deodorant that worked for me.

Until a friend of mine asked me to try the deodorant she had created for herself. Free from aluminum, free from all the messy stuff and based on pure products.. “ehm okay” Still in the back of my mind, “This one will not work either, as I have tried so many..”


But lo and behold…this stuff hit the bulls-eye, it took me just a week of use, to actually notice that the amount of “water” reduced and the overall sweating got progressively better. I felt more confident and even started to reduce the amount of times I reapplied it during the day and my experience is, that by using less of this new deodorant, the sweat reduced too.

And this is NOT a commercial, this is NOT sponsored.

Now I feel free and light and have so many more options in life, as I was able to see the avoiding circle I was in and break through that one too. And it is just a deo-stick.

But it is not just a deo-stick, for me it was the best choice ever to get out of my comfort zone and try something new, to give it a chance and to therefore give myself a chance.

So here I am talking to you about my sweaty business, which I have seldom shared publicly, as there is still some shame involved, I have to say. But hey, we are all human and one of the bits that go with being human, is feeling shame. And you know the best antidote for shame is… telling the story, share it all, so here I am and here we go.

And this is just the beginning, as I have been hiding, not only about this, but about other things too, for far to long. So more blogs and posts are coming, and I invite you to join me: Start sharing your stories, the stuff that scares you the most, that make you feel full of shame, that give you the creeps if others would find out… Holding on to them, makes them control you and being controlled by somethings is not a good thing, it makes you do stuff you don’t want to do. As I got myself into that avoiding circle and not fully enjoying life anymore.


Join in, speak up and let it out.

It will set you free.

Giving you a non-sweaty hug and lots of love,



PS: And if you want to know more about the sweaty business and the tricks I accumulated over the years let me know. Happy to share those too. And maybe you have some too to share.

PPS: By the way, the deo is called Loveli made by my fabulous friend @lindabot @loveli.care




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