Skiing is the closest thing to flying and for me it is pure freedom. I probably popped out of my mum wearing skis and have been competing in racing competitions and have been an instructor too. So I would say that my level is advanced. 🙂 But with everything, there is always a next level!

Well that is skiing on steroids, off-piste, in the powder, through the forest, jumping off rocks an windlips, preferably where no-one else has been before.
Going next level goes even faster when you join the pro’s. So I did, with the National Champions Freeriding @berbersemmelink and @kaarkuipie

Honestly I was scared shitless, the morning of the first ride… I was questioning my judgement:
– Why was this a good idea again?
– What the F** was I thinking?
– I can’t do this, I will slow them down, will make a fool of myself!
– Honestly Jenn, the shit you come up with…
The trick is to ignore these thoughts, as your head is made to keep you safe and in the same spot where you are now, indeed to keep you safe and alive. This is anything but next level.

So here are the steps to going next level:

Step 1. Join the pro’s. Those who can do what you want to learn. ⛷ Ride with them⁠
🎿 Learn from them⁠
🥇Be with them⁠
🥈 Feel them⁠

Step 2. Be prepared and share Two layers of thermo, borrowed ski’s, pieper (search device to find you in case of an avalanche), shovel and probe (to find and dig our your friends) and a backpack filled with 5 liter of coffee, hot rice-milk and cookies to share

Step 3. Don’t compare These ladies are be the best in their field and remember you are good in something else, they are a rookie in. So don’t compare your day one to their year 7!!!

Step 4. It is going to hurt – Pain is inevitable The more it hurts, the more it is teaching. Yes that pain is inevitable when going next level. I had blister patches up to my eyebrows and it was the mental pain that got me… I froze in fear on the top of a mountain. How to deal with that I will tell you another time 🙂 And oh I crawled out of bed om day two. Seriously I felt muscles I did not know the existence of. Went riding anyway.

Step 5. Play full out For me it was serious business, I was learning and wanted to get it all, in detail: understand how to cut the ski at the best angle, weight distribution, position of my hands, reading the snow… and @kaarkuipie snapped me out of this head funk, standing next to me on the top of a beautiful slope. “Hey Jenn, you know, skiing is the best way to play outside. Isn’t it?!” And OMG she is so right. When play appears, flow happens. And it was the best ride of the day.

Step 6. Bring your drug of choice Eh duh!! Obviously, as it makes it all more fun. Add good music or a shot of something something in your coffee, an afternoon nap, for me it was a handful of painkillers on day 2.

Step 7. Take the next step
I made memories and learned a ton, feel way more confident in my skiing, even on the piste and it was all worth while. So now for the next step to next level even more… the ladies invited me to join them for the NC Freeriding in France next year March… 🤘🏻“Yes Jenn you should come, you can totally ride and it will be a ton of fun”

Bonus Step 8: When your inner voice whispers “Yeah, lets do this again” and your head says “Are you f** kidding me? Not again?!” When in doubt DO IT!

Let’s go next level and challenge your boundaries, learn and make amazing memories.

What is your next up level?
Who are you going to join? ⁠

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